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Paid Advertising Secrets!

How to grow your online course business through Facebook & Instagram Paid Advertising.

Best Resources To Grow Your Business!

We have put together all the free and paid tools in such a way that it helps students with different levels of expertize on the subject, right from a beginner to an expert. We cover it all.

    Paid ADS - Success Metrics Cheat Sheet

    Learn important metrics / stats to be tracked 

    Scale Fast Resources For Online Business

    Get our best free and paid tools/software's to grow your business fast

    Webinar Funnel Example

    Get our webinar funnel mapping, planning, strategy & simulation tool to understand metrics

    Facebook and IG ads 101

    Step by step guide to setup your Meta Business Suite, Pixels Domain Verification, Create Conversion Events, and Your First Ad Campaign. 

    Workshop Slides / PPT

    Download PPT presented during workshop

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